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DV Mark Evo-1 modelling guitar amp front · Source: DV Mark

The new DV Mark Evo-1 Multi-Amp head has a lot of modelling tech on-board, yet also has an intuitive amplifier control system that looks easy to use. Could this product package modern modelling technology in a way that’s easily accessible for most guitarists?

The Ev0-1 has a simple user interface that still gives you a decent level of control. It’s a two-channel amp, and each channel sports a selector switch for the amp model. Both are then routed to the FX section. It’s also got a built-in USB port, letting you interface with your computer and tweak the amp with the company’s software editor. The optional DV Mark EVO 1 controller can switch patches live and since the amp is rack-mountable, there’s a lot of potential appeal for touring musicians.

The power amp section is 250W MPT (Mark Proprietary Technology) solid state, so for an amp head it’s on the light side at around 3.5 kg. That’s another plus for gigging musicians, as amp heads sometimes weigh a tonne.

Inputs and Outputs

The Evo-1 has twin inputs, one for passive and one for active guitars, which I think personally is a nice touch. Then you get an Aux In as a 3.5mm stereo jack for adding, say, a backing track. There are two Send and two Return jacks on the rear, the USB port and a MIDI socket for control.

The Evo-1 also has an XLR balanced Line out, along with two 4 Ohm jacks and one Speakon output for speaker cabs. There’s also a handy 3.5mm headphone out with its own volume control. The record outs are speaker simulated, too, when using the XLR output, which is really handy and makes for a flexible amplifier.

Menus suck

I like the simple twin-channel layout on the front panel, and this will probably be the main attraction for a lot of guitarists. We don’t like menus. Menus suck. We just want to get a great core amp sound, and get playing, The bonus for me is that if you do want to tweak, then you can add amp models and then dial them in how you like, easily, both on screen within the software for when you want to go deep or simply by tweaking the knobs on that well laid out front panel.

I’m quite impressed, and the video demo below certainly has got me interested in how this new amp will pan out. This could be one to watch for 2017, I reckon.

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