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There is the online stream in a beautiful moving webcam , demonstrating the beautiful outskirts of Lisbon – Belem. The territory of Belem, which you see in the live cam has the most important historical monuments of Lisbon and its surroundings.

For example, the 16th century Jeronimos monastery (Mosteiro dos Jerónimos), included in the UNESCO list, or the Belem Tower (Torre de Belém), guarding the harbor of Belem in our webcam. As also the Palace of Belém (Palácio de Belém) – the official residence of the president and the Monument to the Discoveries (Padrão dos Descobrimentos).

Belem, which perfectly shows our online camera , is a dedication to Portuguese discoveries. For example, such famous seafarers as Vasco da Gama went to their distant voyages from the banks of the Tagus River (Rio Tejo), which you can see in the live stream camera , in the way to India.

In Belem, with our beautiful webcam t here are the most important museums of Lisbon: Berardo and IAAT.

Other interesting sights of Belem in our online camera are: Museum of Popular Art (Museu de Arte Popular), Museum of Electricity (Museu da Electricidade), Cultural Center of the District Belem (Centro Cultural de Belém), Museum of Modern Art (Museu Colecção Berardo de Arte Moderna e Contemporânea ), Maritime Museum (Museu de Marinha), Planetarium Caluste Gulbenkian (Planetário Calouste Gulbenkian), National Museum of Archeology (Museu Nacional de Arqueologia), Ultramar Garden (Jardim de Ultramar), Presidential Palace and Museum of the Presidency of the Republic (Museu de Presidência da Republica), Carriage Museum (Museu dos Coches), Ajuda Botanical Garden (Jardim Botânico de Ajuda), the State Palace of Ajuda (State Palace in Ajuda).


The city of Lisbon, not far from which is the Belem district with our online live camera , is the most western capital in Europe. There are great opportunities for hiking in LIsbon. Walking around the city, besides the Belem in our webcam , visit the Baixa district – the center of Lisbon financial and commercial life.

Baixa sights are: Don Pedro IV Square, National Theater, 19th century Rossio Train Statio and the Santa Justa Lift 45 m high.

In the area of Chiado there is the main monument of the earthquake of 1755 – the Gothic Carmo church ruins.

Other important sights include the Lisbon Cathedral and the Monastery of São Vicente de Fora.

Another interesting area of big Lisbon is Estrela with the same name church.

There are no beaches in Lisbon. The beach area strip – Lisbon Riviera, goes from the the Tagus River to the city of Cascais, and further to Cape Roca (Cabo da Roca).

The beaches closest to the center of Lisbon are located in the districts of Cashias and Oeiras.

One of the main historical sites of Lisbon are the Castle of St. George and the oldest historical district of Alfama.

After a strong earthquake in 1755, Lisbon was almost completely destroyed. But the The Porto Cathedral (Se do Porto) built by 1150 has survived. But from the Convent of Our Lady of Mount Carmel monsatery, there were only walls and Gothic arches. Nowadays, the Archeological Museum is operating in this monastery.

The port of Lisbon, located along the Tagus River, which is clearly visible in our online webcam is also have to be mentioned. The port of Lisbon is one of the most important ports of the Atlantic.

Be sure to look at the statue of Christ Statue (Cristo Rei) – a copy of the monument of Christ in Rio de Janeiro.

There are many beautiful palaces in Lisbon. For example, Palace of Ajuda. And in the suburbs of the capital the palace of Mafra – the largest royal palace of Portugal, as well as the palace of Queluz are very interesting.


The climate in Lisbon is mild marine. Summer is hot, but not dry, and winter is warm. Snow does not fall. It is Sunny all the year. Only occasionally showers are possible. Especially beautiful in Lisbon in late spring and early autumn. For a beach holiday is suitable midsummer.

Weather forecast in Lisbon for 7 days is available on our website online.

Watch more Baltic Live Cam beautiful web cameras from Portugal: Buarcos, Arrifana,Costa da Caparica, Vilamoura, Jardim do Mar in Madeira.

Need a broker that accepts PayPal, Neteller or Skrill?

Need a broker that accepts PayPal, Neteller or Skrill?

If you’re looking for a broker that accepts PayPay, Neteller or Skrill for deposits and withdrawals we’ve put together some comparison tables to help you find one.

Most brokers accept payments through debit and credit cards, plus bank transfer for large deposits and withdrawals. But if you’re not based in the UK and you’re trading with a UK broker the process of getting funds to and from your account can be annoyingly slow for international transfers.

Of course, you have to take the rough with the smooth. London is the global hub for financial trading because of it’s time zone and banking infrastructure is a bonus, but that does mean that if you are making international payments to and from a broker the process can take longer than it should with traditional methods.

However, these payments can be sped up by using PayPal, Skrill or Neteller. We’ve put together payment services comparison table so you can see what brokers accepts what.

Of the brokers we compared you can trade pretty much whatever you want from cryptocurrencies, Forex, MT4, spread betting to physical stocks and shares.

The advantages of using these third party payment providers are that they can speed up deposits and of course mean you don’t have to have your card and bank details to hand.

The disadvantage of Skrill, Neteller and PayPal is that you are increasing your counter-party risk. So if you’ve got a large transaction you are relying on the stability of three partners (your broker, payment provider and your bank).

This means that whilst some of your money in accounts at your bank and broker are covered by the FSCS, your funds are not covered when they are with Skrill, PayPal or Neteller. Something to be mindful if you are moving very large amounts of money to and from your broker.

Although to be fair, PayPay, Skrill and Neteller are probably bigger than your broker…

Richard founded the Good Money Guide (previously Good Broker Guide) in 2015 and has been a broker for 20 years most recently at Investors Intelligence and previously a multi-asset derivatives broker at MF Global (Man Financial). Richard started his career working as a private client stockbroker at Walker Crips and Phillip Securities (now King and Shaxson) after interning on the NYMEX oil trading floor in New York and London IPE in 2001 & 2000.

Paypal to Skrill Transfer Guide

Paypal to Skrill Transfer Guide

There are several reasons that can prompt an individual to consider making a money transfer from Paypal to Skrill. The main reason is that many recipients prefer having money in their Moneybookers account because they have no convenient way of withdrawing money from Paypal. Another reason is based on the facts that some services offered by Skrill are not available on Paypal. For example, in most countries, it takes approximately two days to withdraw cash from Paypal.

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Paypal to Skrill transfer

Paypal to Skrill transfer

It is important to note that there is no legitimate and direct method of sending money from Paypal to Skrill and for the transfer to happen both parties have to form a partnership agreement. In the meantime, there are a few ways that people can use to move their funds from Paypal to Skrill, and they include:

Withdrawing from Paypal to Bank Then to Skrill

Withdrawing from Paypal to Bank Then to Skrill

This method is the simplest, convenient and most secure method for people to send money Paypal to Skrill. Once the money is in your bank account, you can either send it to the recipient or upload it to Skrill. However, your bank accounts and Skrill must be linked, but this method is not available to all since Paypal does not have banking partners in some countries.

Registration With a U.S. Payment Service

Registration With a U.S. Payment Service

Withdrawal of money from Paypal to bank accounts is a nightmare to individuals residing outside the United States. Some people have to wait for about 8 working days for the cash to hit their bank accounts. However, with the assistance of a virtual U.S bank account, you can easily withdraw your cash from US payment companies. During weekdays, money from Paypal will take 48 hours to load to the virtual account and immediately to the debit card. The process takes longer during US holidays or the weekends. Payoneer is one of the best companies that offer U.S payment services, and registration is free. However, you pay a one-time fee for activation once you receive your debit MasterCard via the post office.

Exchange Your Balance with a Friend

This method can work effectively if you know someone who has a Skrill balance so that they can send money from their Skrill account to your account. On the other hand, you will send the same amount from your Paypal account to the other person's account. This method may not always be possible because you need to find a match, preferably someone who receives money in their Skrill account.

Use Online Service Providers

This method requires an individual to open a contractor and client account on a platform that supports Paypal and Skrill modes of payment. This technique requires you to register as a client and then offer jobs that require payment via Paypal. Afterwards, you open a contractor account then select the payment option as Skrill. For a Paypal to skrill instant transfer, you need to withdraw money from your Paypal account into your virtual account. After a couple of days, your issuer will email and inform you that your card has been credited with the amount. The next step is to go to your Skrill account and select option for upload and enter the amount. This is considered as one of the most discreet and convenient methods of transferring cash from Paypal to Skrill.

Paypal vs skrill

Paypal and Skrill are the most popular e-Wallet services that most online casino players use. Both of the payment methods are easy to sign up and require your personal as well as banking information to complete and verify the registration process. The verification process does not take long as Skrill's takes 24 hours whereas PayPal's takes a couple of days to verify your details with the bank. Signing up on Paypal and Skrill is free of charge, but both of them charge transaction fees.

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Paypal is the most preferred and used method in the online retail market and money transfers between individuals. Paypal is not accepted widely in the gambling market since few online casinos allow players to pay or withdraw using PayPal. Skrill is accepted as a payment method in most of the online casinos and lesser in the retail industry.

Binary Options with PayPal and Skrill

Most customers know PayPal now from everyday life. Who has not ever bought a favorite piece on eBay or a rare spare parts found? In most famous auction house in the world you can not get around the virtual payment service PayPal. This is no surprise, because it is offered to an eBay subsidiary. But early after launch the model established in other areas. Many traders can now her account forBinary Options recharge with PayPal. Traditional payment methods such as bank transfer or a payment processing by credit card have thus received a serious competition from new providers such as PayPal or Skrill as competitors.

1. What is PayPal?

The online payment system PayPal can warden used for the payment of money. PayPal’s 230 million member accounts a successful company and a leader in the payment processing on the market compared to other vendors. The company’s headquarters is San José , the European subsidiary is PayPal (Europe) S.à rl & Cie, SCA and has its headquarters in Luxembourg. So how exactly does PayPal? A PayPal account is a virtual account , whose identity is defined by the e-mail address of the members. Registration is easy and free: New PayPal members can register their personal data. Subsequently to be just waiting for the verification of the data given. These PayPal performs a test transfer to the specified account. Thereafter, the use can begin immediately. Also, the mobile trading will be trouble: PayPal can be used via web-enabled mobile phones. With «PayPal Here» also payments for smartphone users are facilitated. PayPal is a classic service: With PayPal money transfer is possible. Here PayPal is not responsible for the business, the company assumes no guarantee that the seller fulfills his obligation upon receipt of payment by the buyer. Easy and free: opening an account with PayPal.

The advantage of PayPal: The money is the payee after the transfer takes well-written without bank runtime. The information of the customers are securely protected with SSL.The payee can not see any information about the PayPal User. The credit card or bank account number remains hidden from him to prevent a possible misuse of the data. The disadvantage of PayPal: Still the offer in the field of PayPal charging the trading account is übreschaubar — not many brokers offer this service. This can be explained their reluctance with the relatively high cost that the service provider to recipients of payments in account. For so many vendors to trade in binary options, the costs are reason enough to preferring instead (formerly Moneybookers) to rely on other providers as just Skrill. If, however, for a Binary Option offered PayPal as transfer path, the traders pay themselves for the remittances to their brokerage accounts not charge any fees.

Conclusion: PayPal is an online payment system. About a virtual account money transfer is possible. The company is a leader in the payment processing. A new customer registration is simple, the use of the service is free and uncomplicated. The advantage of PayPal: refunds will be credited immediately. All customer data is protected via SSL. The disadvantage of PayPal is the high fees that have to pay for receiving payments.

2. What is Skrill?

Since Skrill provides worldwide service, the company offers a service in 40 differentcurrencies with over 100 number options. The currency puts the customer firmly at the opening of his account. Creating the account, as well as receiving money is free of charge.All other costs charges. Simple and free: account log into Skrill. Skrill is considered safe: For sellers a HTML-based HTTPS interface and API is available for private customers, there are several tools Banner. Skrill accepts responsibility for the correct execution of a business : The customer will receive a security token. Accounts with security token is activated, a refund of the credit guarantees, if there is an abuse.

Conclusion: Skrill is another source for online money transfer. The company offers a global service in 40 currencies. Opening an account and receiving money is free and any additional services they will charge. Skrill is regulated by the state and offers additional security guarantees for its customers through HTML-based HTTPS interface and API or several banners tools.

3. Payment Methods compared

To make choosing the right payment method, the general terms and conditions should be checked to see whether customers might be involved by the broker to the costs. Here the comparison of the two providers PayPal and Skrill will include: costs and fees

  • Account Opening and Payment Shipping is free with PayPal and Skrill.
  • With Skrill Fees on other activities in PayPal all further transactions are free.
  • With a more than 12 months unused account subject to a commitment fee of EUR 1 per month for consumer accounts that have balances at Skrill.
  • In a money transfer via Skrill to another customer the sender pays a fee of 1 percent, maximum 10,00 Euro.
  • With Skrill charges incurred at a currency exchange, a payment to a bank account or a credit card or check writing.
  • Customers with high transfer volume is a free premium membership offered at Skrill.
  • A clear advantage of both pay services is the rapid execution of transactions.

High safety standards at Skrill Security and Service

  • Both companies are state-controlled and regulated.
  • With more several (hundred) million member accounts, which are conducted to the satisfaction of customers, both companies can be classified as an experienced and reputable service.
  • Paypal offers good security via SSL encryption. No guarantee of performance, the company for the correct business transactions.
  • Skrill has in security with additional opportunities for customers to protect the money, compared ahead: Skrill accepts responsibility for the correct execution of the transaction and offering mutual insurance for business customers.

Conclusion: With regard to costs and fees PayPal cuts compared from better, since fees are incurred at Skrill for some transactions other than opening an account and the receipt of fees.This small flaw is similar to the supplier but through bonus offers and a higher security guarantee than its competitor from. When lowered, the two companies are equal with different payment options and fast money transfer.

High Cost — The problem with online payment methods

The main issue confronting both trader and broker, is the question of cost. Although the previously treated Bezahlmethoden ever increasingly popular, these are connected to either the customer or the broker with some very high fees.

For the broker binary options deposit with PayPal is therefore a very expensive proposition, which is why only a broker for Binary options offer this payment method. And that is the broker XTB therefore is much more common, the above-mentioned payment method using Moneybookers, which is offered by almost all brokers for binary options. In addition, almost every broker offers the deposit by credit card.

High costs for bank transfers

Would make Trader payments by bank transfer, as often fall on very high fees. On average broker like require 25 to 30 €. So are bank transfers at the top of the list of fees Einzahlmöglichkeiten on trading accounts with brokers for binary options. Bank transfers mean namely a high administrative burden on brokers, which is this like leave pay dearly. The deposit via Skrill or credit transfer therefore still represents the best alternative to binary options deposit with PayPal.

Conclusion: Be the binary options deposit with PayPal, no matter how simple and very popular among traders — nearly every broker has deleted from its offer due to the high cost this payment method. Also bank transfers hit with high fees for customers to book, which is why the deposit by credit card or Skrill is the most favorable method for Trade.

4. Three tips for online money transfer

Tip 1:
preliminary, the general terms and conditions are checked to see whether customers might be involved by the broker to the costs.

Tip 2: encryption and security standards of the provider check to be sure that the receiver, the data can not see.

Tip 3: Make sure that the binary options account is charged with the necessary capital in order to act smoothly and quickly.


Jan 17, 2015 · To transfer money to skrill, you’ll need to withdraw it from your Paypal account into your virtual account. Don’t leave a margin for the 1% fees. If you have $100, enter the amount you wish to withdraw as $100 and it will credited in your card as $99. How to Transfer Money From Paypal to Skrill (Moneybookers. On our site you can exchange electronic currencies WebMoney, PayPal, Skrill, ЮMoney and QiWi by good rates. We can help to withdrawal money from sponsors and employers, pay for services etc. Discounts till 22% for constant clients. Notification of exchange status via Telegram and Viber. The minimum commission: 3-5 USD or 150-300 RUB. ExchangeX – Welcome Transfer money from paytm and other wallet to skrill , neteller , paypal. debit card to skrill transfer. its so simple and easy. 100% Trusted. Skrill Deposit : Paytm To Skrill Money Transfer And Withdrawal BestChange supports all major types of virtual currencies and cryptocurrencies, including PayPal, Perfect Money, Advanced Cash, Skrill, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ukash and WebMoney – and with its intuitive navigation, selection of the necessary currency pair is a matter of a single click! The system also features a convenient rate history module. E Sending Skrill or Neteller to Bangladesh and India is currently not working. If your account is from a specified country, please do not apply for an exchange. Payeer (USD) Payment systems. Payeer (USD) Monobank UAH ; Perfect Money EUR. Fenix Pay How to add money on Paypal, Skrill or neteller by paytm, google pay or phone pe My GEARS :- MOBILE :- MIC :-.How to add money on Paypal, Skrill or neteller by paytm. As PayPal is leading payment network and it's bit difficult to exchange funds from online payment processors to PayPal but PayGlobel made it easy now you can exchange your Skrill funds to PayPal securely. to exchange you have to add money in your account trough Skrill and after click on send money option and select PayPal option after enter the PayPal address and amount and submit your request, the PayPal … PayGlobel 4 Comments / Paypal, Skrill, Skrill to Paypal There are valuable reasons why anybody would need to exchange cash from Skrill to Paypal. One concern is that your verification may need it in their Skrill account since they don’t have an advanced method for pulling back from Moneybookers. How to exchange money from Skrill to Paypal or Paytm. Keep your funds safer and exchange between Neteller and PayPal for better experience. Furthermore, change the password regularly and if you are a mobile user, keep an eye on the website you access. Most of the malware and hijack viruses comes to mobile sites. Read Also: Transfer money to Skrill. Final words about PayPal to Neteller exchange PayPal to Neteller Exchange Service Buy Bitcoin (BTC) with Skrill Paxful makes it easy and secure for you to buy and hold cryptocurrency. Find the best offer below and buy cryptocurrency with Skrill today. Buy Bitcoin with Skrill International Money Transfer Aug 20, 2020 · PayPal connects effortlessly to bank accounts and credit cards PayPal Mobile is one of PayPal’s newest products. It allows you to send payments by text message or by using PayPal’s mobile browser.; Skrill: An e-commerce business that allows payments and money transfers to be made through the Internet. It is an online e-wallet and money. PayPal vs Skrill Skrill - Fast, secure online payments Skrill PayPal To. Pick Your Options Skrill Western Union MoneyGram Bitcoin PerfectMoney Payeer Bank Transfer WebMoney Neteller ETH Dash. Select Your Instant Exchange Type. Your Full Name. Your PayPal E-mail. example@example. Mobile Number. ex. 0030, +30. Receiver Skrill E-mail. Funds Round Exchange PayPal to Skrill. Here are all options for exchange PayPal EUR to Skrill USD. The best exchange options with the perfect exchange rate are placed at the top of the monitoring table. All exchangers are verified by administrator so the exchangers monitor contains only trust exchangers with a perfect reputation. Exchange PayPal to Skrill Accept Payment Withdrawls From Internet Companies To Thirdparty Payment Processors Or Wallets, ex.PayPal Exchange Your Funds Between Online Wallets, With Our Leading Exchange & Finance Technology Send Money Worldwide to your friends,family or for services With Your PayPal,Skrill,Bitcoin100% Securely & SafelyFunds Round You Can Transfer Your Funds From PayPal To Skrill. As Skrill is leading payment network and it's bit difficult to exchange funds from online payment processors to Skrill but PayGlobel made it easy now you can exchange your PayPal funds to Skrill securely. to exchange you have to add money in your account trough PayPal and after click on send money option and select Skrill option after enter the Skrill … PayGlobel Feb 22, 2018 · For a Paypal to skrill instant transfer, you need to withdraw money from your Paypal account into your virtual account. After a couple of days, your issuer will email and inform you that your card has been credited with the amount. The next step is to go to your Skrill account and select option for upload and enter the amount. PayPal to Skrill transfer guide Nov 03, 2017 · The number of online casinos accepting PayPal is a handful when compared to other industries. Despite the inferiority, Skrill is found on the better percentage of … Skrill vs. PayPal: How to Choose the Best Service Apr 22, 2019 · Card validation is the same as PayPal, but Skrill’s prepaid product additionally includes GBP and PLN to the EUR and USD as available currencies, taking the lead by a hair. User Benefits. Online casino players commonly have a range of benefits, bonuses and promotions to choose from at the top PayPal and Skrill online casino sites. PayPal vs. Skrill At Online Casinos 13 Best PayPal Alternatives to Use in 2021

Best Skrill, Neteller Exchanger in India We are the most trusted e currency exchangers in india. We buy and sell major digital currencies like skrill, neteller, paypal and many more. We offer secure, genuine and easy process to make your exchange easier. Best Skrill, Neteller Exchanger in India May 20, 2020 · SO, I'm intersting about Paypal to skrill transfers, as paypal don't send my money in my bank account. I don't know why, there is now 24 hours going when I get these money in paypal.But Paypal … Transfer money from paypal to skrill or neteller Simply go to your PayPal account and add your Skrill pre-paid master card in your Paypal account. Now, Withdraw the amount that you need to transfer in your Skrill account to the added Skrill pre-paid card. That's all. You can use your skrill master card to add funds to your skrill account. This is not a traditional method. Using this method, you can send money from PayPal to Skrill. Read: How to Open PayPal … Paypal to Skrill: Learn How You Can Send Money from PayPal. How to transfer money from PayPal to Skrill. Visit the order page linked here. Enter your billing name and billing address. Provide your PayPal email for contact and payment. Type the Skrill account address for receiving the payment. Choose the amount of money you wish to exchange. Hit submit and complete the transfer. About PayPal PayPal to Skrill Money Exchange The 23 Best PayPal Alternatives of 2021

Jul 02, 2020 · Formally known as MoneyBookers, Skrill is by far the most popular alternative to PayPal. The UK company behind Skrill first launched its e-money service way back in 2001, making them one of the most established online payment processors in the industry. What are the Alternatives to PayPal in 2020? Guide to. Skrill may make money on the exchange of currencies, when sending money to a non USD denominated Skrill wallet. Make it. Move it. Send it. Spend it. Get your Skrill Visa® Prepaid Card for free Get started Annual fee applies. From April 27, 2021, an application fee of $10 will be introduced for customers who do not meet certain criteria. Virtual Wallet for Money Transfers & Online Payments 5 Legit Survey Sites That Pay Through Skrill (PayPal Not.

May 20, 2020 · Step 5: Once you have entered the Routing Number & Account Number from Payoneer, just click on Agree & Link to link your Payoneer account with PayPal and then PayPal will send you two payments and all you need to do is just log into your Payoneer account and enter the transferred payment amounts in the PayPal verification box to confirm and link your accounts successfully. How to Transfer Money from PayPal to Payoneer? [2020] The Best Alternatives to PayPal

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While US-based freelancers usually have no troubles accessing their PayPal funds, a lot of us out there are not as fortunate. Not only is PayPal-issued prepaid MasterCard available only to US residents, a lot of debit and credit cards issued around the globe are not supported by PayPal, limiting your options for transferring your money from your online payment processor to your pocket.

It is a widely known fact, that throughout Europe and several other regions, Skrill is the first-choice payment processor for your online transactions. Similar to PayPal, the company offers a pre-paid MasterCard that gives you easy access to your money at ATMs and POS terminals worldwide. The only catch, however, is that PayPal and Skrill are not mutually supported – there is NO safe and legit way to transfer your earnings between them directly.

After years of daunting research, I have found the perfect solution I want to share with you in this post.

We Need a Middleman

Given the facts mentioned above, plenty of internet opportunists (and, unfortunately, scammers), have flooded the web with their offers to transfer the funds for you. If you are lucky to come across a legitimate offer and ever see your funds again, you will still be very displeased by the associated fees.

The bottom line… For your safety, you should stay as far away as possible from such offers and stick to the few legit companies, supported by both Skrill and PayPal that can act as your middleman. The most time- and cost-efficient I have found so far is Payoneer.

How Does It Work?

After following the above link, big, bright “Sign Up Now” button takes you to the Payoneer Account set-up page. The process consists of filling in the form, uploading your government-issued ID, applying for your pre-paid Payoneer MasterCard (the annual fee is set at $29.95 and is deducted from your first transaction) and answering a short account creation survey. Within a few days, the company notifies you about the status of your application, and you are set to go.

1) Transferring Funds from PayPal to Payoneer

Once your Payoneer account is approved and activated, checking account at the Bank Of America will be opened in your name, and you just have to link that account to your PayPal.

  • Login to your PayPal account
  • Open the “Add or Edit Bank Account” link under the “Profile” tab
  • Insert the Routing Number (ABA) and Account Number, found at the “My US Payment Service Profile” link under “Receive Payments” tab of your Payoneer account.

In the majority of cases, the transaction is complete within one business day (even though PayPal takes the right to complete the transaction within four business days). Your only associated cost at this point is 1% fee, deducted from your money once the transaction is complete.

If you don’t absolutely need Skrill, this step is enough to give you access to your money. You can use Payoneer card to pay for goods or services at your local POS terminals, as well as to withdraw money at ATMs in over 70 countries around the world. However, if you depend on making payments through Skrill, you will need to complete the next step.

2) Transferring your Money to Skrill

Once you have your Payoneer account activated, and your first transaction from PayPal came through, you will need to link your Payoneer card to Skrill:

  • Login to your Skrill account
  • Go to “Cards and Bank Accounts” tab and click “Add Credit or Debit Card” button on the bottom of the screen
  • Insert your Payoneer card data and press “Save and Verify”

A small verification fee will be deducted from your Payoneer account (later credited to your Skrill account), and once the transaction is complete, you will be notified by mail. Just follow the instructions to complete the verification process.

Undisputed Benefits of Using Payoneer

It Is Safe

Once all the verifications are complete, all the companies involved (PayPal, Payoneer, and Skrill) adhere to the most rigorous data safety policies and regulations. And with official, good-standing company as your middleman, you will never have to fear scam attempts, when transferring your money from one payment processor to another.

It Is Fast

After initial verification at each of the involved payment processors, it will take less than a week to have your money in your wallet, should you choose so.

It Is Cheep

It will cost you just 1% to get your pre-pair Payoneer card loaded and ready to use for online and POS payments; for every $50 of your hard-earn money you want to spend, you will only need to give up $0.5 in transaction fees. If, by any chance, you cannot use your Payoneer card to complete a specific payment, Skrill will charge additional 1.9% for transaction, leaving you with $48.55 to spend.

If you are a “cash-only person,” you will need to deal with slightly higher ATM withdrawal fees; Payoneer charges $3.51, while Skrill charges €1.9 for ATM withdrawals, in addition to 1.9% transfer fee (from Payoneer to Skrill). For smaller withdrawals, up to $50, ATM withdrawals with Skrill are a bit cheaper. However, if you have a habit of withdrawing larger sums less frequently, Payoneer is the sounder choice.

Absolutely Amazing Referral Program

Once you set up your Payoneer account, you can share your newly discovered convenience with other freelancers – for each and every referral that starts using Payoneer, both you and your friend will receive $25 credited to your Payoneer account. If you don’t have Payoneer yet, simply reading this post and setting up an account through the referral link will cover your first year’s fee almost entirely!

Excellent Customer Support

Unlike PayPal and their automated responses that don’t answer your question, Payoneer excels in the area of customer support. Not only are their replies to your queries prompt, they are specific to your problem and explain the issue in detail. And their representatives don’t hesitate to go that extra mile to provide you with a specific solution to your problem.

OMG! Payoneer Is Perfect.

There is no such thing as perfect, and anyone claiming otherwise is lying to you and probably has some hidden agenda! Payoneer, too, has some downsides:

No Buyer Protection

While the company keeps your data safe, your transactions are completely within your domain. If you make a mistake, or use your Payoneer card to pay for shady services, you will not get refunded by the company for your financial loss.

Solution: Pay attention during each and every transaction and use your Payoneer card only for legit transactions, and you have nothing to worry about!


Transactions with Payoneer pre-paid MasterCard are not processed instantly and some companies, such as Skrill, have pre-set reservation amount policies in place; if, for example, you want to transfer $20 from Payoneer to Skrill, your Payoneer account will need to be loaded with more funds. After the transaction is complete, the reserved funds that exceed your initial transaction are re-released to your Payoneer account.

PayPal to Skrill Process Doesn’t Work Both Ways

Once you transfer your money from PayPal to Payoneer, there is no way back. Unfortunately, you cannot use Payoneer to transfer money from Skrill to Paypal!

Solution: Read my next entry, when I will cover a safe, legit, but slightly more expensive way to transfer your funds in the other direction!

Do you know of a better, safer, and more cost-efficient way of transferring your freelance earnings between payment processors? Share them with us in the comments below!

Payoneer Vs Paypal Vs Skrill

If you are looking for a straight fight between Payoneer vs Paypal vs Skrill, then you are not going to find one because they are all very different services. I admit that Skrill and PayPal may look similar to the outside observer, but in essence, it is like comparing a factory to a soda maker. In this Payoneer vs Paypal vs Skrill article, we compare some of the payment companies similarities, and we discuss how they differ. We also cover which payment company is suitable for which person.


Payoneer is a payment processing service that was built for small businesses, for entrepreneurs, self employed people, freelancers and emerging enterprises. It allows businesses and self employed people to streamline their payment process by putting much of the payment/invoicing burden on the person requesting payment. It does come with a MasterCard prepaid card, but users are unable to load money into it. With Payoneer, you either use Payoneer to pay other people, or you use it to receive payment and then withdraw it to your bank, or spend it with your Payoneer MasterCard.

Minimum transfer amount is USD $20

The minimum is $20 if the billing service is used. If you are a US customer, then your minimum transfer amount is $50 if making a payment.

Maximum transfer amount is $50,000 per month

If the billing service is used, you may only be able to pay as much as $2000 or $5000, as it depends upon your specific account level. The maximum is $25,000 in one day, or $50,000 per month. Limits are increased for businesses with a higher Payoneer account level.

Transfer methods

You may transfer online and you may use the Payoneer app. You may pay with your Payoneer balance, with a credit card, or with an echeck if you live in the USA. You may send money from Payoneer to Payoneer, or from Payoneer to a bank account.

Transfer Speed

It usually takes a few seconds to transfer. In many cases, your transfer happens within two hours of you sending the money. However, the terms and conditions state that transfers may take up to five days.

Available Currencies

You are able to transact with 150 currencies in more than 200 countries, but you may only hold a balance in the currencies listed above, which means you have to convert your currency if you receive one that is not listed above.

Currency Conversion Charges

You will not have to pay a currency exchange fee, but Payoneer does skim from the exchange rate, and they do it by slicing 2% off of what you would have got if you exchanged at the mid-market rate. Let’s say that you want to exchange US $100 for GBP. At the mid-market rate, it should get you £75.69. Payoneer take that amount and they add their 2% charge onto it. This means you get £74.18 for your $100.

Payoneer’s Ugliest Fees

The ugliest fee I have seen is their annual MasterCard fee. The company gives you a Payoneer MasterCard when you sign up, and then a year later you have to pay $29.95 for it because it has an annual fee of $29.95. Their ATM cash withdrawal fee and their cash-back fee isn’t winning any prizes either at $3.15 per transaction. If fees are a big factor in your Payoneer vs Paypal vs Skrill fight, then the withdrawal fee may be very off-putting.


PayPal is a multifaceted tool that has many uses and services. It is an online wallet, and it also has lending facilities. It is an online exchange, and you may also use their PayPal Access MasterCard. You can set up a PayPal checkout that allows you to take PayPal payments, debit card payments, and credit card payments. It is an online wallet, money transfer service, global transfer and exchange service, a personal payment service, a business payment service, and it holds a wide range of currencies.

The greatest thing about PayPal is that you do not need a balance in your online PayPal wallet to use PayPal because it can draw money from your bank account to help you pay for things. Plus, PayPal helps to protect your bank and credit card details because it doesn’t expose your details to other companies, websites and merchants when you make a purchase online. You may set up invoices, payment requests, PayPal donation buttons and “Pay Me” links. It is also well known around the world, it has millions of users, and many websites accept PayPal.

Minimum transfer amount is USD $1

The minimum transfer amount isn’t the same as their withdrawal minimum. You can send less than one dollar, but the receiver will have to pay 32 cents to receive your dollar, so it doesn’t seem worth transferring if you are sending less than one dollar.

Maximum transfer amount is USD $10,000

As far as I understand, PayPal doesn’t have strict maximum transfer limits, and many times they simply follow the law of your country. For example, if your country says that the most you are able to transfer out of the country is $10,000 at a time, then PayPal sets its maximum transfer limit to $10,000.

Transfer methods

You may conduct your transfers online or by using the PayPal app. You may send from PayPal to PayPal account, and you may may transfer from PayPal to online checkout. If you have a PayPal MasterCard, then there are other ways to transfer money.

Transfer Speed

In most cases, your transfer is conducted in seconds. Sometimes, it may take up to two hours for your transfer to complete. In rare cases, it may take up to two days for the transfer to go through.

Available Currencies


PayPal’s Ugliest Fees

Their fee of 2.9% + 30 cents is not nasty, but it isn’t pretty either. PayPal doesn’t have many fees, but one of their ugliest fees is their exchange rate fee. Your exchange rate will always be between 2% and 2.99% higher than the market rate. That means that if you get an estimate for your currency conversion using Google, then PayPal will give you up to 2.99% less than what is shown on Google. When it comes to the Payoneer vs Paypal vs Skrill fight, it is probably their standard fee that puts you off a little, but it isn’t a deal breaker and only really affects people who are receiving large amounts each month and are then converting large amounts too.


Skrill is an online wallet, and it allows you to pay other people. It is popular in some of the most under-served countries as it allows people in those countries to deal with people in developed countries. Skrill deals with many different types of currency, but what is more special is that it deals with countries that other online wallets do not. There are even eight countries where Skrill has joined forces with other payment companies so that Skrill customers may deal with people in those countries.

Minimum transfer amount is USD $1

If you try to transfer less then one dollar, then it is just not worth it because of the fees involved.

Maximum transfer amount is between $135 to $25,000 monthly

The maximum transfer amount depends on your type of account, if you are verified, and how trusted your Skrill account is. The amount you may transfer ranges from $135 to $25,000 per month.

Transfer methods

You may transfer via the Skrill website or via the Skrill app. Send money from your Skrill account to another Skrill account, or use your Skrill account to pay for things at a checkout. People are used to seeing PayPal as an option when buying things online, but some checkouts accept Skrill, including big named companies such as GoDaddy, and quite a number of worldwide gambling companies.

Transfer Speed

I am not a fan of Skrill because of its ugly verification and authorization process, but any transfers I have ever sent have happened in seconds. Some people say it takes between 2-3 days, so it must depend on which country you are from or where you are sending to. There must be factors that increase the transfer times from instant to up to three days.

Available Currencies

Skrill claims that is has 40 available currencies, but they are not too forthcoming about which they do and do not support. The list below contains 28 currencies I researched manually.

Skrill also says that you may transfer to these countries too: Ghana, Indonesia, Nepal, Armenia, Philippines, Sri Lanka, Fiji and Albania. The list of currencies above only totals 28 currencies, so I imagine the remaining 12 currencies must have something to do with sending money to these countries. The reason these countries are singled out is because Skrill has set up a partnership with other companies in order to help people send money to and from these countries.

Skrill’s Ugliest Fees

There is a transaction fee that is 1.9%, which isn’t pretty, but it isn’t bad either. Their ugliest fee has to be their 3.99% currency conversion fee. Plus, your withdrawal fee may rise as high as 7.5%, which is unnecessarily high. In the fight between Payoneer vs Paypal vs Skrill, the withdrawal fee is obviously an outrageous expense. There are ways to lower the withdrawal fee, but they are mostly reserved for heavy users of Skrill.

Conclusion – Payoneer vs Paypal vs Skrill

In the fight between Payoneer vs Paypal vs Skrill, I have to admit that they each fill a need. In many cases when I write these types of article, I say that you shouldn’t limit yourself to just one and that you should pick the companies that are right for you. However, where PayPal is the company that everybody should have an account with, it seems that Payoneer and Skrill have a targeted customer base. In short, Payoneer and Skrill may not suit you. Allow me to sum up what each payment company does.

Payoneer vs Paypal vs Skrill – Payoneer

Payoneer is for business-to-business transactions. It is for businesses that wish to pay other businesses, which includes freelancers, self-employed people, small and middle sized businesses. Payoneer was built to take the hassle and fuss out of paying other people and companies, which is a great time saver if you often have to send different payments to different people on a regular basis.

Payoneer vs Paypal vs Skrill – PayPal

PayPal is the most sophisticated tool in this article because it has numerous functions, worldwide reach, and is viciously popular. It is the multiple-tool service that suits both private citizens, businesses and self-employed people. It has a bit of something for everybody, and it is very secure too.

Payoneer vs Paypal vs Skrill – Skrill

Skrill is filling a market gap by helping people do business with countries that other online wallets will not do business with. I have sometimes referred to Skrill as a crappier version of PayPal, but that is unfair because Skrill’s main aim is not to dominate as the best, but to fill the gap in the market where people in the east and middle east are unable to do business with people in developed countries.

Payoneer vs Paypal vs Skrill – You May Be Able To Choose All Three

Choose Payoneer if you spend an overly long time arranging payments each month, and maybe consider it if you have five or more employees that you wish to pay on a regular basis. Grab yourself a PayPal account as soon as you can because even if you do not use it to transfer money, it still offers oodles of protection if you use it to buy things online. Choose Skrill if you have clients and freelancers in other countries and your current online wallet or bank will not allow you to pass payments to and from those countries. If you are in a situation where your circumstances suit having a Payoneer, Skrill and PayPal account, then by all means you should get accounts with each.

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